Daryl Boyer released a new worship project Monday, The Cleansing: A New Creation, A Brand New Identity, A Brand New Day and release of the first single, King Jesus. The companion video for King Jesus can viewed here.
The Cleansing is a result of a life changing encounter with God that Boyer experienced last Spring 2015 at a Power and Love Conference. Boyer, who is also the Worship Director and Youth Pastor at Christ Fellowship in Seaville, New Jersey was radically transformed while in the midst of recording the project.
The Cleansing contains both danceable, worshipful tunes and uplifting lyrics that point to the revelation of the believer's Identity in Christ and the power of becoming a new creation. Daryl Boyer, who believes that worship is more than just a song, and is in fact a lifestyle, also heads up and is the Founder of Daryl Boyer Ministries, a ministry that brings renewal and fresh fire to the local church and the body of Christ through teaching and worship.
"Worship music is one of the tools that God has given us to connect with Him deeply. Worship goes far deeper then the song we sing, it is about what we do with Christ in our daily lives. Our ministry here is about bringing the power of God's restorative cleansing power," declares Boyer.
Daryl Boyer Ministries is spearheading worship events regionally and nationally called Fire and Love Worship Encounter which can either be a two hour or full day event where participants may enter into a transforming understanding of what worship can become in their own personal lives.

RED has received its second Gold Certification for its album End of Silence (Essential). To celebrate, RED will release a 10th Anniversary Edition on June 3, featuring two new songs and acoustic versions of some of the album's biggest songs. This release will be followed by an anniversary tour in the fall. The single Breathe Into Me was also certified Gold.

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