Natalie Grant and Jason Crabb will headline the second annual American Gospel Celebration June 8 and 9 in Lancaster PA. Celebrating faith and freedom, the event will be highlighted by messages from best-selling author and renowned pastor John Hagee and author and pastor Matt Hagee. Starting at 7 each night at the Lancaster Convention Center, the event will also feature three of Christian music’s most beloved groups: The Isaacs; The Martins; and Canton Junction.

Kelly Wright, journalist, newsman, and musician, combines his love for country and his love for music has released the song, America Great Again, written several years ago by songwriter Marty Funderburk.

Matthew West released his new single, Broken Things from his new album due this fall. "God has spoken to me in a powerful way as I've spent time in the cabin, my place of solitude, to work on this new album." 

Kody Erwin, bass vocalist for The Erwins, has been admitted to a Nashville-area hospital. He has been diagnosed with Viral Meningitis/Encephalitis. Kody’s mother, Tiffany Erwin, states: “We need your prayers for healing.”

Canton Junction announced the addition of Gordon Mote. Mote joins founding members Matt Hagee and Tim Duncan, along with Casey Rivers, to round out the acclaimed lineup. In addition Mote will continue to make solo appearances.

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