The Grascals explore the dark side of love with their release, Sleepin' With The Reaper. The track, the first single from their September 1 album, Before Breakfast, premiered on Roughstock. Written by Grant Williams and Becky Buller, the song is the first collaboration for the two.  Notes Buller, "Grant had the idea to write something around the old saying 'We don't believe in divorce ... murder, maybe ... but never divorce' and it just took off from there.  The Grascals liked the creepy little tune and made it sound so fine."  Creepy it is - taking the listener from "I do" to "I don't" in three short minutes ... but it is saved from pure melancholy by John Bryan's urgent vocal, a fast-moving track and the group's superb picking.

With the echo of I do still ringing in my ears
She said you need to know what I believe
I'm a Christian woman, now you're a married man

Death is the only way to leave
She said I don't intend to let you tell a lie
You crossed your heart and hoped to die
One way or the other, who's it gonna be tonight
Will you be sleeping with the reaper or me, tonight?

Sleepin' With The Reaper kicks off Before Breakfast and, while it's a departure for the group, it's a natural fit as the band continues to develop and meld organically.   This is the second album for this configuration of The Grascals and their growing closeness is obvious.

Crowder announced his 20-city American Prodigal Fall Tour, starting October 24 in Bowling Green KY, through November 16 in Wise VA.  The tour will feature special guest Jimi Cravity, and introduce The Young Escape. Over the past two decades, David Crowder has transcended the usual boundaries associated with gospel music with lyrically powerful, musically intricate and unpredictable songs that have been sung and played everywhere from churches, to mainstream clubs across the country.


Nichole Nordeman releases her fifth full-length studio record, Every Mile Mattered, a follow up to her 2015 EP, The Unmaking. Featuring the tracks Every Mile Mattered, Sound of Surviving, You're Here, and Dear Me, Every Mile Mattered is a collection of songs taking a reflective look at her life’s path to becoming the woman she is today. It's about the journey, the ups and downs of life, and not looking back with regret, but with gratitude. Also included is a beautiful newly recorded version of Slow Down featuring Nichole singing with her daughter, Pepper Ingram.

Righteous Vendetta has unveiled a new music video for their song Weight Of The World, which debuted on Alternative Press and is for the current single off the band's new album, Cursed, which dropped back in March on Century Media. "'Weight Of The World' is an anthem that we feel a lot of people can relate to. No matter what your situation is, everyone has times where they do their best to keep it all together, but everything seems like it's crashing around them. We wanted to portray that tension visually, and Orie and the Enlighten Creative team really helped us achieve that. We all meshed and had the same goal to create the vibe that would allow the listener to feel that much more connected with the song."

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