Salem Media announced today that its award-winning Good Clean Fun With Kevin and Taylor radio show is launching into syndication in 60 markets across the U.S. Among the stations already bringing the show to their listeners are Salem owned and operated music stations in LOS ANGELES, NASHVILLE, PORTLAND, SACRAMENTO, LITTLE ROCK and COLUMBUS, OHIO. The duo also is aired on the syndicated Salem Music Network and cleared on all network morning drive affiliates. Additionally, Kevin and Taylor maintain their morning drive stint on 104.7 THE FISH in ATLANTA.
Good Clean Fun With Kevin and Taylor has been one of ATLANTA’s most successful radio shows over the past 15 years. The show has consistently ranked among the top ATLANTA morning shows in numerous demographic categories. It has been recognized as BEST MORNING DRIVE SHOW in the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION and the team has been featured as top personalities by RADIO & RECORDS.
Kevin and Taylor are heard from 5-10a CT MONDAY through FRIDAY via Salem Music Network’s satellite feed based in NASHVILLE. The show also is available as downloadable content-only pieces for use in any daypart, allowing stations to mix the entertaining content with local music and broadcast clocks.
Kevin and Taylor commented, "Our morning show is, first and foremost, a place that’s safe for the whole family. Moms and dads can listen, be entertained, hear music and content they like, and never have to reach for the dial because there’s something they don’t want the kids to hear."
KFIS/PORTLAND PD CHRIS KELLY says, "KEVIN & TAYLOR’s show has been an example we’ve listened to as a learning tool when coaching talent and now I get to have them as part of the lineup in PORTLAND!"
KKFS/SACRAMENTO PD MAX MILLER adds, "We're excited to introduce Kevin and Taylor to SACRAMENTO. Salem maintains a commitment to bring the best content and talent to the market, and Kevin and Taylor are the tip of the spear."
Salem Music Network PD VANCE DILLARD notes, "In a time where radio is struggling to stay relevant, Kevin and Taylor bring the type of content that makes relevance seem easy."
Salem Media Pres. Broadcast Media DAVID SANTRELLA says, "Radio has spent thousands of dollars and years of air checks to try and develop the chemistry Kevin and Taylor have mastered over the last fifteen plus years. This is the kind of game-changing show that makes a station instantly better. It is multi-format and multi-daypart friendly. There just never is a bad time for good clean fun, and adding Kevin and Taylor can transform a morning, mid-day, or afternoon daypart."

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