Women 15 to 54 say they love their favorite radio station more than Pandora -- and by a huge margin -- 58% to 32%. This and other information about how women feel about radio was presented by Alan Burns & Associates last week. “Most women have a surprisingly deep connection to their favorite radio station,” said Burns. “We asked them who they felt understood them better: the radio station they listen to most, people who decide what fashions to stock in department stores, or the manufacturers of the cosmetics they use. Despite the fact that the cosmetics and fashion industries spend millions of dollars on understanding and predicting women, radio wins (80% to 69% each for fashion and cosmetics)."

“And wait ‘til you see who else radio beat,” added Hal Rood, co-presenter from Strategic Solutions Research. “It stunned us.” The Burns/Strategic study The State of Radio With Women looked at a five-year trend in women’s perceptions of the medium. “Most of the news is good,” said Burns. “But it’s not all rainbows and ponies for radio. By the end of the presentation, we think most people will agree with us that the glass is mostly, but not completely, full, with a leak that needs to be plugged.”

The study, What Women Want 2017 -- Insights Into Radio, Music, and New Media, surveyed 2,000 women aged 15-54 for their usage and perceptions of radio, pureplay music streamers, and other sources of music, including what audio drivers of connected vehicles listen to. The series of seminars is at https://burnsradio.com/

Provident Label Group (PLG) is adding a new member to the radio promotions team.   Lindsay Crane joins the firm on March 6, and comes to PLG from KLOVE/AIR1 where she has been leading promotions and events in Indianapolis. Prior to that, she worked with digital marketing clients.

American Family Radio has promoted Jim Stanley to General Manager. P art of AFR's team for 17 years, he began as a part-time weekend DJ before working evenings.

Justin Dix, the overnight announcer with Family Life of Bath NY, celebrates 25 years of service at the ministry this month. He was the voice of the radio network every weekday after Midnight, and every Sunday morning, for the last quarter century.

The 2016 Holiday PPM results told a familiar story according to Nielsen in its annual report analyzing the survey period which took place between December 1 and January 4. “The seasonal impact of the all-Christmas format followed historical trends and the News/Talk format closed the book on a banner year.”The AC format, which flips to all-Christmas more than any other format, ended the year with a 12.8% share among all listeners 6+, leading the way among all formats.“The 2016 holiday survey results are on par with nearly every other comparable survey year.”The shift in audience share from November to the Holiday period is also consistent, with shares of AC formats growing substantially, while Top 40... declining slightly. Country radio suffers most – down an average of 14% in the past five years, and off 12% in 2016 between November to Holiday. 

News/Talk outlets continued a strong year, thanks to a noteworthy and history-making Presidential race. “...the holiday book was one of the strongest ever recorded for News/Talk, post our historic election.

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