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LW TW RHYTHMIC (13 entries) Plays +/- Wks On Add
4 1 ANDY MINEO Kidz [Reach] 60 19 6 1 0
3 2 LECRAE F/ TORI KELLY I'll Find You [Reach/Columbia] 59 12 8 2 0
2 3 DEATH THERAPY Wake Me (When I'm Dead) [Solid State] 54 2 15 2 0
1 4 SOCIAL CLUB MISFITS F/ TREE GIANTS How Good [Capitol/CMG] 49 -21 20 2 0
7 5 KJ-52 F/ CANON Nah Bruh [Independent] 33 9 27 1 0
5 6 BRANAN MURPHY F/ KORYN HAWTHORNE All The Wrong Things [Essential/PLG] 33 1 4 3 1
8 7 GAWVI F/ ROBBIE LEE & JULISSA LEILANI Closer [Reach] 25 2 23 2 0
9 8 STEVEN MALCOLM F/ HOLLYN Party In The Hills [Word/4 Against] 21 1 19 2 0
6 9 BLAKE WHITELEY New Day [Independent] 18 -7 8 1 0
12 10 MANAFEST F/ ALICIA SIMILA Fearless [Independent] 13 2 29 1 0
11 11 KJ-52 F/ CURT ANDERSON Hold On [Independent] 11 -1 25 1 0
13 12 STEVEN MALCOLM Hot Boy [Word/4 Against] 9 2 29 1 0
10 13 TRIP LEE F/ TAYLOR HILL Billion Years [Reach] 3 -13 36 1 0

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