Have some fun this Christmas! It's not too late to create some on-air buzz and help your listeners get in the holiday mood. If you're looking for some listener-engagement challenges, try one of these:
1) Create an “Impossible Christmas Carol Challenge.” Ask listeners to test their knowledge of Christmas music live on air. But ask them to do things such as quote gifts from The Twelve Days of Christmas – backwards and without peeking! Listener compete to win an item from the above list...or whatever gifts you can make available.
2) Send a Song – Invite listeners to record a “music video” of themselves – or their kids – singing their favorite Christmas carol and post in on your Facebook page. Choose the best three, and ask listeners to vote for a winner. Run this promotion over a week's time so that listeners have time to participate.
3) Try “The Twelve Tweets of Christmas.” Boost your social media presence with an online search and find. Choose twelve picturesque locations around town, take photos of a small section of the decoration or location and tweet or Instagram the photos to listeners. Invite listeners to reply with their best guesses. The first listener to get all answers correct wins.
4) Run a “Virtual” 5K. Challenge families or co-workers to complete a 5K race during the Christmas season. Listeners can choose their own course and keep track of their mileage. Invite families and teams to post photos of themselves decked out in the season's finest...or funniest. The goal is to get people moving and enjoy some great time together during Christmas. And, if possible, get a sponsor who can give prizes to the first 25, 50 or 100 listeners to sign up and complete the marathon.
5) “This is My Tree” - Ask listeners to post photos of their Christmas trees on your social media channels. Give prizes for the most traditional, most decorated or most unusual tree.
It's OK to have some fun during Christmas. After all, we are celebrating the best thing that ever happened. So remind families to rise above the commercialism and clutter and enjoy the reason for the season!

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