How do you keep your promotions sounding fresh? Ever wondered where to find ideas for station imagers, remotes, big promotions and concerts?

Here’s the answer: Beg, borrow,

Maybe that sounds a bit harsh. After all, “Thou shalt not steal” is one of the Ten Commandments.

So how about this: Talk, Browse, and Swipe.

If you want to keep your promotions (both online and on –air) sounding fresh, then you need to build connections and conversations. Keep an eye out for what the industry is doing, and make a file of all those ideas.

Ready to get started? Here’s how to do it:

1) Talk: Start building connections in the industry. Connect with a local “Christians in Media” group, build connections via Facebook or LinkedIn, join an online group or read the comments sections in industry articles. Make it a point to have regular “input” sessions with others so that you keep a steady flow of good ideas.

2) Browse: Take a few minutes each week to scroll through Pinterest and look for ideas. I recommend searching for writing prompts or writing ideas. Make a habit of viewing ad agency websites and scanning through their portfolios. Learn how they use words and ideas. As you browse, ask yourself, “Will this idea work for my audience?” It doesn’t (and shouldn’t) be word for word, but train yourself to look at ads, portfolios and checklists for good ideas…and how to make them your own.

3) Swipe: A couple of years ago, I followed a writer’s suggestion of keeping a “swipe file.” I find a headline, story idea or thought and keep it in one of three places: Evernote, a leather-bound journal or in my personal “Book of Stuff.” My “Book of Stuff” is a small notebook where I keep notes on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest graphics, writing rules I don’t want to forget, web ideas and headlines. For me, a swipe file is where I store all those handy ideas that I’ve picked up from reading, browsing and talking to others. It gives me an instant and easy-to-access record of ideas.

It’s easy to find fresh ideas if you keep your eyes and ears open, and then write the ideas down in an easy-to-access location. But don’t just record the ideas, read them often and ask, “How can this work for me?” Make it a habit and put it to work. Then start cranking out those great promotional ideas!

Bill Arbuckle CMW

Bill Arbuckle is a media and marketing pro with over twenty-five years experience in creating media promotions.  You can connect with him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it....

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