Seen any giraffes lately? Not a trick question. If you're an avid animal lover you may have heard about April the Giraffe. You may even follow her webcam/YouTube channel or subscribe to her text messaging.
What's so special about April? She's pretty normal (for a giraffe). And she's pregnant. Almost due. In fact, April and her giraffe hubby Oliver may have welcomed Giraffe Jr., into the world by the time you read this.
To be honest, there's nothing unusual about momma giraffes. Or baby giraffes. But not only has April  captured the attention of animal lovers, she's also captured a share of animal lovers' bank accounts. (If you think I'm joking, check and find out all the ways you can contribute to April's New York home, the Animal Adventure Park.)
Animal Adventure Park isn't the first zoo to put a webcam in a giraffe pen. It's not the first time people have had the chance to livestream a giraffe birth. So why bother talking about it? And what does a pregnant giraffe have to do with your media outlet?
Stephanie Melish – writing for the March 31 edition of Ragan's PR Daily – says there's an important lesson to learn from April the Giraffe: Your ordinary is someone else's extraordinary.
Let that sink in a bit.
Your ordinary is someone else's extraordinary.
What “mundane” part of your daily life would someone find fascinating? What “ordinary” thing do you encounter on a regular basis that seems extraordinary to someone else?
Once you find that “ordinary” thing use it to influence your prep, your promotion, your bits, your interactions. You may find that there's more to your daily life than you expected. So invite people in. Share your “ordinary” and make their listening/online experience “extraordinary.”
Who knew you could learn so much from a giraffe?

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