Palm Sunday 2017. Two suicide bombers detonated explosives in Coptic churches, killing more than 40 people and wounding another 100. Egyptian Christians mourn the loss of family and security. It's a tough start to Holy Week.
Because this coming Sunday is Easter Sunday, we celebrate Christ's resurrection and know that because He lives, we have hope. This is not the end. But at this moment, families in Egypt are mourning the loss of family and struggling to remember that there is hope.
As you and your listeners celebrate Holy Week, please take time to pray for Egyptian Christians. Open Doors USA has posted specific prayer requests for these believers.
1) Pray for immediate aid to reach those injured from the blasts.
2) Pray for the believers who've faced this terror first-hand and lost loved ones and close friends.
3) Pray for justice. Pray that this terrible event will draw the attention of world leaders to focus more heavily on human rights and religious freedom in Egypt.
4) Pray for the Church in Egypt to be both comforted and strengthened in the midst of this senseless tragedy.
The Coptic Church is a significant player in the history of the Early Church. Mark, the Gospel writer, founded a church in Alexandria, Egypt and is credited with bringing the Gospel to Africa. The Coptic church claims to be a direct descendant from Mark's evangelism. In the 400's, the Coptic Church stood against Gnostic teachings and affirmed both the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ. Because of their faith and their geographical location, Coptic Christians have also experienced persecution since the early days of the Church – first under the Romans and later during Muslim conquests of Egypt.
God cares deeply about the people of Egypt – both Christian and Muslim. Pray for them this week as they begin the business of living life again after such horror. Pray that through this tragedy, Christ is glorified and that the people of Egypt hear the truth and hope of Easter: He is risen.
He is risen indeed.
(Prayer article: - “Urgent Prayer. Palm Sunday Church Bombing in Egypt Kills At Least 42.)

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