You’ve already put in the hard work required to build a brand. You’ve created your brand promise by telling listeners what to expect. And you deliver on that promise every day.
Now comes the next step: Use your brand to engage your audience.
How does brand engagement work? I recommend three steps: Learn, listen, and live.
LEARN: Radio does a good job at learning about their listeners. We pay attention to ratings, demographics, and market research. But don’t just stop at the statistics. A good brand actively learns about its audience. But don’t be content with surface info. Go deeper. It’s what separates you from the competition. Learn about your users habits, her routines, her shopping preferences, her kids and what they like, and what everyday concerns she faces. Never stop learning about your listeners.
LISTEN: The next time you’re out in the field, take time to listen to the conversations around you. When you’re standing in a long line at the store, keep your ears open. What are people talking about? What’s the topic of the day? What are they saying…and more importantly, HOW are they saying it? You may be surprised to find out that your brand is addressing the issues people are discussing, but they aren’t hearing it because you’re slightly off-key. Listening to others can teach your brand how to talk to others.
LIVE: Live where your listeners live. This step is, I think, the toughest for Christian radio broadcasters. Because we represent Jesus Christ, we are called to live differently than the guys over at the Top 40 station. But the truth is, we’re called to minister to people who often live tough, messy lives. Your “Becky/Lisa/Sara” may be a classy mom who holds down a job, marriage and three kids…but her nephew just “came out,” her husband just lost his job because of budget cuts, and her mom has Stage 3 breast cancer. Oh, and kid #2 just got called to the principal’s office for bullying. Can your brand get down on her level and walk with her through the messiness? Are you willing to live where she is and walk with her through those times?
Each step – Learn, Listen, and Live – requires us to take an active role in our listeners’ lives. That’s how brand engagement begins. And the ultimate goal of brand engagement is to create community – you and me, us and them. Your station, your brand, has this opportunity. Are you ready to engage?

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