What if a tragedy struck your town? What if your staff had to get information to the public – quickly – to direct listeners away from problem areas?
We pray that it never happens, yet no city is immune from terror attacks, home-grown radicals or just plain-old natural disasters. So take the time to put an emergency communications plan into place. Here are a few suggestions:
1) Start with your staff. Make sure your team has everyone's contact info and knows who to call during a crisis.
2) Designate one key contact person and a back-up. Make sure everyone runs all communications through the key contact so that your entire team stays on message and keeps all communications consistent. Now is not the time to be a wild card. Stay on message.
3) Make community connections before disasters happen. Don't just know the right Twitter feeds to scan … get to know the people behind the feeds: public information officers, local lawmakers, safety officials and religious leaders.
4) Know your audience and the information they need. In a time of crisis, you need to become the expert on the information your audience needs right now.
5) Plan follow-up information. How will you help the community once the incident has passed? What information do your listeners need in order to resume their daily lives?
Plan now so that you can help your team and your community when disaster happens.

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