Molly McKenna is Director of Brand and PR Engagement for fast-food giant McDonalds. In her role, she's tackled a wide range of problems and promotions – everything from national promotions to backlash about food preparation. But in every situation, she sticks to five simple practices to motivate people to respond to the McDonalds' message, no matter what it may be. Her ideas may help you as you plan your next promotion or fundraising event.
1) Meet people where they are. It's not enough to know who your audience is. You need to know know where they live and hang out – both in-person and online. And then, take your message to where they are.
2) Work into their existing routines. When does your audience check social media? When do they log in to check email? When are they in the car? Work your message – and its timing – into these routines.
3) Make it compelling. Boring campaigns are boring … no matter who plans and promotes them. Boring prizes, boring giveaways and boring benefits don't spur people to take action.
4) No extra steps. Is your message or promotion too complex? Does it require a lot of extra work just to register? No one has the time or patience to jump through all the hoops. Keep your message and calls-to-action simple.
5) Make it functional. Does your promotion have a point? Is it easy to understand? Can your audience take action right away? Or do you need to refine and simplify the message?
You invest time and effort in each message or promotion you put together for your audience. Make sure they know what you are saying, where to find the information and how to put that message into action. Molly McKenna's five steps will help you do just that.

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