You've heard the old saying about advertising: “Sell the sizzle … not the steak.” The best part of any promotion – on air or online – is creating anticipation – the “sizzle.” Anticipation is a key element to every promotion. People want to get excited about a product or an event, and it's your job to keep that level of anticipation going strong throughout the entire promotion.
Here are four simple ideas you can use to get people interested and encourage them to buy into your promotion:
1) Offer a sneak peek. Whether you're promoting an upcoming concert, inviting people to tune in to an interview or purchase a new, exciting offer, do this: get them hooked by giving them a sneak peek into your promotion. It can be as simple as airing a snippet of an interview, linking to a video or posting part of a book chapter online. Give people an advance preview of your promotion.
2) Inside knowledge. People really like knowing what's going on behind the scenes. We want to know something that no one else knows. So offer some “top secret” info about your next promotion. Maybe you're sharing an exclusive interview … or behind-the-scenes photos. Invite people to see “the man behind the curtain. They can't resist.
3) Build some FOMO. What's FOMO? Fear of Missing Out. It's why we have operators standing by right now. Why you have to fund the Kickstarter before midnight. Why the best concert seats cost so much. People don't want to miss the next big thing. Urgency works. Scarcity sells. Does your promotion have something irresistible? Maybe you should add some FOMO to your next event.
4) Give people ownership. Kickstarter is a prime example of ownership in action. We want something … we're promised something … but we have to do something to make it happen. And when we fund the Kickstarter, when we put some “sweat equity” into a product or promoton, we're likely to see it through to the end. This is what makes charity funding events work. But there's a catch: we need to see the payoff. It's not enough to throw time or money at a problem. People like to see results: photos, letters, videos, news reports … they're all an important part of completing the circle of ownership. People are more likely to support your project the next time if you give them tangible proof that their ownership efforts pay off.
Add anticipation – sell the sizzle – in your next promotion. Give people something to look forward and you'll cut through the clutter and capture their attention.

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