Did you survive the solar eclipse? Hopefully you have some fun memories – and maybe some photographs – to share. After all, it was a once-in-a-lifetime event.
Speaking of events, Monday's eclipse proved that people love events. Even though we're surrounded by hi-tech gadgets that allow us to watch and witness everything, we can't get away from the actual experience of “being there” and seeing it first hand.
So before you put the eclipse glasses away and file your photographs in a digital folder, take a couple of minutes to think about what made this moment in time special.
Was it the thrill of watching a live event unfold?
Was it the excitement of spending time with family and friends?
Did you look forward to booking a campsite or hotel and traveling to watch the event?
Was it the photos and souvenirs?
As you answer those questions, take notes about what made this event so special … and then take those thoughts and ideas and apply them to your next station promotion.
People crave experiences. That moment of “being there,” seeing things happen, being part of a movement or moment in history.
The good part? Not every experience has to be out of this world. Some can be small, but meaningful.
So how can you make your next big promotion an experience that your audience will look back and say, “I was there. I experienced it.”

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